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Jorene Hinton - Owner/Operator

Please download, print and fill out this form and include it with your order.

Form download link is located at the bottom of the page.

Include one form with each quilt top.

Add additional instructions on back of form if needed.

Call, write or email if you have any questions.

Please print legibly.


PHONE NUMBER:________________________ ADDRESS:________________________________________________________________________________ CITY:___________________________________ STATE:_____________ ZIP CODE:__________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________

DATE NEEDED (if sooner than regular stated turn around time) :________________________

QUILT TOP DESCRIPTION:___________________________________________________________________


ORIENTATION: _____vertical ____horizontal ______no preference or difference _______

TOP OF QUILT MARKED: yes ________ no _________ no preference or difference ________

QUILTING CHOICE: overall/pantograph to edge of fabric ($14/ sq yd) ______

outline quilted ($22/ sq yd)_____ quilt in ditch ($22/ sq yd)______ custom/motif ($22/ sq yd)______

Minimum quilting charges: $25 for overall $55 for custom/outline/motif

QUILT SIZE: Length:_________ x Width: __________

SQ YDS IN QUILT:_____________________ (length x width/1296)

THREAD COLOR:______________________________________________________ ($2-5 extra for varigated thread)

PATTERN CHOICE:_________________________________________ There is a charge of $10 for each additional border # of borders: ____ ADD BORDER CHARGE:_______________ (sq yds x $ )       

                                                                                                                           QUILTING COST:______________________


Customer enclosed: yes___ no___ Purchased from me: yes___ no___

Please add 8" to measurement (length & width) of quilt top -

Add an extra 3% to measurement plus $5 if you want me to prewash my cotton batt

AIRLITE POLYESTER batt (100” wide-8 oz) by the yard: ____________    ($5.50/yd or $.153/inch)

SOFT & BRIGHT POLYESTER batt (90” wide-4 oz) by the yard: _________ ($5.05/yd or $.140/inch)

100% COTTON batt by yard (124” wide): _________ ($10.70/yd or $.297/inch)

100% COTTON batt by sq yd: _________ ($3.11/sq. yd)

80/20% batt by yard (110” wide): __________ ($7.40/yd or $.206/inch)

80/20% batt by sq yd: _________  ($2.43 /sq yd)

                                                                                                                                BATTING COST:_________________ Machine prewash cotton batt (Additional $5 charge) : yes___ no____ 

                                                                                                                                PREWASH BATT:_______________

          USE CUSTOMERS BATT - $2.00 charge                           USE CUSTOMER BATT:_____________


You enclosed: yes___ no___ Purchased from me: yes___ no___

Customer wants me to prewash backing purchased: yes___ no___ (Add $5 to cost if answered yes ) Yards needed:________   ($5.25/yd – add $5 if you want backing prewashed))

                                                                                                                             BACKING COST:________________  


You enclosed 1 yard of fabric or more for larger quilt          BINDING COST: ____________________ (measured inches x $.04-when I have quilted it) (measured inches x $.06-when you (customer) or someone else has quilted it)

                                                                                                                ADDITIONAL COST:_____________________ ESTIMATED SHIPPING, HANDLING & INSURANCE

             (Estimated1 quilt - $25 / 2 quilts - $35)       ESTIMATED SHIPPINGCOST:_________________



                                                                                                                           7% SALES TAX : ____________________

                                                                                                           TOTAL ENCLOSED/DUE:___________________ Customer will pick up order _________     Return by UPS__________

Please bill when complete yes_____ no_______

ADDITIONAL NOTES:_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Quilting order form Download